Rubber Rollers, Rubber Grippers, Conveyor Grippers, Urethane Belting, Profile Belt, UHMW-PE parts, UHMW-PE Sprockets, Hanger Bearings, Pillow Blocks, Cable Guides, Cable Pulleys, Plastic Sheaves, Covered Bearings, Suction cups, Diaphragms, Light seals, Foot pads, Piston cups, Endless Belts, Idler, Crush Wheels, Picker Wheels, Vibration Dampening, Airport Baggage Bumpers, Can Tester Pads, Boot Seals, Scraper Blades, Deskew Tires, ATM Replacement Parts,  Coin Counting Parts, Neck Rail, UHMW-PE Air Conveyor Neck Guides, Belt Slides, Conveyor Curves, Slat Dividers, Corner Track, Wear Strips, UHMW-PE Chain Guide, Back-Up Rings 


Virgin UHMW-PE Sheet, Reprocessed UHMW-PE Sheet, High Temperature UHMW-PE, FDA UHMW-PE, Quartz Filled UHMW-PE, Anti-Static UHMW-PE, Antimicrobial UHMW-PE, Colored UHMW-PE, Low Coefficient of Friction UHMW-PE, Plus Tolerance UHMW-PE, Custom UHMW-PE Formulations, Airboat UHMW-PE: Medical Device Plastic Parts, Packaging Equipment, Poultry Processing, Plastic Waste Water Treatment Parts, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment,  Agriculture Equipment Parts, UHMW Snow Plow Liners, UHMW Salt Spinners, Dock Fendering, UHMW Garage Door Track, Food Processing, UHMW Liners, Coal Handling Chutes,  Spout Liners, Bulk Cargo Vessel Lining, Railcar Lining, Drag Conveyor Bucket Lining, Docking Fendering, Roller Coaster Chain Trough Liners


Frac balls, PEEK Tube, Torlon Blanks, Gears - Plastic Molded, Spur Gears - Inch Molded, Spur Gears - Metric Molded, Bevel Gears - Metric Molded, Miter Gears - Metric Molded, Worm Gears, Plastic Molded Gear Blanks, Custom Molded Plastic Gears, Sprockets, Timing Belt Pulleys - Plastic Molded, Chain Sprockets - Plastic Molded, Roller Chain, Table Top Chain, Straight Conveyor Chain, Radius Conveyor Chain, Drag/Pintel Series Chain

GEM Plastics:

Chemical Tanks and Equipment, Filter Plates, Truck Bodies, Kick Plates, Food Processing Applications, Machined parts, Thermoforming, Packaging, Lockers, Signs, Toilet Partitions, Cutting Boards, Hockey Rinks, Dunnage, Outdoor Furniture, Playground Equipment, Marine Board, Agriculture Equipment, Waste Water, Potable Water, Aquatics, Water Parks, Mud Flaps, Sugar Beet Flumes, Dairy Barns, Poultry Barns.

Franklin Fibre: 

Cryogenic Tubes & Pipes, Munitions Tubes, Pyrotechnic Tubes, Liners, Sleeves, Vacuum Pump Vanes & Blades, Composite & Fiber Bearings, High Temperature Bearings, Switchgear & Transformer Insulation/Fuse Tubes, Steel Mill and Furnace Insulation, Composite Frac Plugs, Composite Frac Balls, Doctor Blades, Mass Transit – Aftermarket Parts, Chip Mill / Saw Mill / Lumber Mill Machinery and Conveyor Parts (Saw Guides, Bandsaw Pressure Blocks, Bandsaw Mill Wear Strips, Transfer Deck Wear Strips, Vibrating Conveyor Composite Springs,  Slat Springs, Vibratory Slats. 


Bedford Technology:

Recycled Plastic Lumber; Outdoor Furniture, Benches, Decking, Docks, Boardwalks, Parking Curbs, Trim Work, Playground Equipment, Signs, Retaining Walls, Fencing, Decks, Rigging and Equipment Mats, Pedestrian Bridges, Guide Walls, Marine Fenders, Dock Fendering, Wales, Piles, Grape Vine Trellis Posts, Orchard Trellis Posts, Growth Stakes, Vineyard Posts.