Our Custom Injection Molding. . . .


Ensinger Putnam specializes in Custom Injection Molding of Engineering and High Performance Thermoplastics.

Standard injection, overmolding inserts, molded threads, side actions and plastic overmolding.

Secondary operations include CNC machining, milling, assembling, sonic welding, boring, broaching, drilling, and post mold cure/annealing.


  • Torlon® (PAI)
  • PEEK®
  • Aurum® (PI)
  • Ryton®/Fortron® (PPS)
  • Ultem® (PEI)
  • Udel® (PSU)
  • Stock Shapes for Medical
  • Radel® (PPSU)
  • Amodel® PPA

Ensinger Putnam has an extensive line of stock shape tooling. This allows us to provide injection molded samples for machining prototypes so an accurate comparison can be made to a finish molded product. It is our goal to work with our customers from part inception through production. In this was we can provide our customers with tooling design advice as well assistance with material choice. PPM along with our many partners can provide a working prototype at a minimal cost prior to investment in tooling.