Duro-Glide® UHMW Truck & Equipment Liners

Save a Ton of Money by Extending the Life of Your Trucks & Heavy Equipment by Years!  


Want to save a ton of money by extending the life of your heavy industrial equipment by years ?  It's easy with our Duro-Glide® UHMW truck and equipment liners. They're like body armor. Duro-Glide® UHMW truck and equipment liners take the abuse of those heavy, damaging loads instead of your expensive truck beds and heavy equipment.

Our truck and equipment liners are extremely cost-effective. For a very low investment, you can protect and extend the life of your truck beds, earth moving equipment, dumpsters, conveyor systems, chutes and hoppers by years, saving tens of thousands of dollars. Installation is quick and easy.  

What's the cost of replacing the steel bed on just one of your trucks?  Now, compare that hefty figure to the cost of lining that steel bed with our Duro-Glide truck liners.  If your trucks are like the ones shown above, they'll probably need between 8-10 sheets.  That's going to be a low 4-figure number.  Now, multiply that savings by the total number of trucks, earth movers, or other pieces of heavy equipment you have.  It's a no-brainer!  Duro-Glide truck and equipment liners pay for themselves many times over.       

Duro-Glide® Truck & Equipment Liners  =  Return on Investment!