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Plastics for Oil and Gas Exploration
NAPS Oil Gas Flyer


Forest Products Targeted Solutions
NAPS Paper & Wood Products Solutions


Trough Liner UHMW
Designed for Low Stick, High Wear


FDA Compliant, Low Break-away UHMW
Sliderbeds, wearstrips and stop-start friction
NAPS 703 W grey UHMW


UHMW For Table Top Conveyors
Super Slick, Reduces Noise, FDA Compliant
High Speed Conveyors and Turns
NAPS 845 Brown UHMW


275 Degree FDA Compliant UHMW
Bakeries, Cooking Equipment
Great for Wear, High Temperatures
DURO-GLIDE #925 High Temp White







Working with UHMW Materials
NAPS Working With UHMW  


Working with Nylon Materials
NAPS Working with Nylon 


Radius Curve Yield Calculator
Figures material required for making curves
NAPS Curve Calc


IAPD Thermoplastics Rectangle
Thermoplastics Rectangle


Material Identification Chart
Material Identification Chart