Representing Quality Manufacturers of plastic, composites, rubber and cast urethanes


  • Duro-Glide® UHMW-PE Sheets - Made in America!
  • Patriot Premium UHMW-PE Sheet
  • Duro-Glide® Enhanced UHMW-PE Sheet
  • Acetal, Nylons



  • The Sports line was created with the intention to broaden the winter sports (alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing), which may be practiced even in the summer.
  • NP 30  -  Alpine skiing and snowboarding
  • NP 50  -  Nordic skiing - free and classic technique
  • NP 70  - Loading and unloading areas
  • TUBBY  -  Snow tubing summer winter
  • SKIDDY  - The surface for drifting with karts
  • S-KID  - The new frontier of drift for the youngest




  • Industrial Laminates
  • Specialty Laminates    
  • Corrugated Insulation
  • Vulcanized Fibre - Fish Paper    
  • Plastic Fabrication & Machining    
  • High Temperature Materials
  • Lamitex Molded Angle, Channel, Rod and Square/Rectangular Tubes    
  • Mil-Spec Laminates



GEM Plastics

  • Premium Quality HDPE & Polyprolyene Sheet (Ind and Arc)
  • Do not crack, delaminate, splinter, chip, swell or absorb water like other materials.
  • Are available in a variety of textures, colors, and chemical      compositions.
  • Can be tailor-made to fit your needs of thermoformability.
  • Can have additives like anti-microbial agents, flame retardants, antioxidants, stabilizers and blowing agents to create cellular micro foam and additives to protect against UV light.




  • Custom Plastic Fabrication & CNC Machining
  • A Full-time Staff of Experienced Plastic Design and Fabrication Engineers Skilled in CAD/CAM Programs
  • Production-run Quantities Without the Up-Front Cost of Custom Molding or Tooling
  • UHMW-PE Extruded Profiles
  • Custom Rubber Molding and Extrusion
  • Cast Polyurethanes



North American

Plastic Sales

8672 Mattson Brook Ln
Minneapolis, MN 55444
Phone: +1 612 3259785
Fax: +1 877 7650533


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An overview of our capabilities:

  • Industrial Plastics and Architectural Plastics for Interior and Exterior Applications

  • Thermoplastics, Thermosets, Cast Urethanes, Rubber, Composites, TPU, Santoprene™ TPV
  • UHMW-PE Sheet Manufactured in USA using High Quality Resins
  • Custom Plastic, Composite, Rubber, Cast Urethane Parts to Specification or Your Drawing
  • Injection Molded UHMW-PE (Parts and Components) 
  • High Performance Engineered Thermoplastic (Custom Injection Molded Parts and Stock Shapes)
  • Plastic Mechanical Drive Components, Plastic Chain, Plastic Sprockets, Plastic Gears
  • High Performance Materials for Oilfield and Gas Exploration, Mining, Power Generation, and most Industrial Applications
  • Composites, NEMA Grade Industrial Laminates, Corrugated Insulation, Vulcanized Fibre, Convolute Wound Tube, Filament Wound Tube, Spiral Wound Tube, High Temperature Bearings, Vacuum Pump Rotor Vanes 
  • HDPE. HMWPE, LDPE & PP, in textures, thickness, lengths, widths, colors and co-extrusions.
  • HDPE corrugated panels (also known as Plasti-Cor)