Patriot Premium UHMW-PE Sheet

Our Finest Sheet.  Made in America.

Our new Patriot™ Premium UHMW-PE sheet is our finest. Patriot Premium UHMW sheets are 100% Made in America, through and through. We use only the finest material made in America. 


Every sheet of Patriot Premium UHMW is 100% virgin material. No reprocessed material is used. All Patriot Premium UHMW-PE sheets are pressed right here in Clearwater, Florida, USA. Only after each sheet undergoes our rigorous quality control procedures is it ready for shipment.

Patriot Premium UHMW-PE sheets offer all of the unique and desirable characteristics of our Enhanced UHMW Sheet line for your most demanding and challenging applications, and more. Yes, they cost a little more. Why? Because quality always does and because they're worth it!  Just click on the Enhanced UHMW-PE tab, make your selection, and tell us you want the Patriot Premium version of the sheet.

So, if buying a UHMW sheet that is "Made in America" matters to you, as well as uncompromising quality and performance, then our new Patriot™ Premium UHMW-PE sheet is the only choice for you.

Call us today and your Patriot Premium UHMW sheets will be shipping out soon!