Laminated Composites for Steel Mill and Furnace Applications

Lamitex® NEMA grade laminates for electric furnace insulation are used in:

  • Electric arc furnace insulation packages.
  • Machined parts from materials in stock, providing quick turn-around and minimal downtime for steel mills.
  • High-temperature bearings with extended life for rolling mill operations.
  • Bus bar insulation and supports.
  • Electrode armature insulating plates in G-7, glass silicone laminate, G-9 glass melamine laminate, G-11 glass epoxy laminate, glass-bonded mica sheets, glass polyester sheet and Insularc® glass bonded mica sheet materials.
  • G-30 glass polyimide laminate for high strength retention under continuous operating temperatures.
  • Complete, machined-to-size insulation sets of insulating washers, insulating bushings, insulating clamps, bolt sleeves, spacers, intermediate plates, insulating plates and furnace duct.


Other insulation parts commonly supplied to the steel mill and furnace markets include:

square washers
isolator pads
mast arm insulation

round washers
bus tube insulation
insulating plugs
insulating saddle

split bushings
electrode clamps
bolt caps
clamp shoe

split tubes
bus caps 
access covers