TSE Industries Literature


4370 112th Terrace North

Clearwater, FL. 33762




TSE-Industries offers a large selection of plastic conveyor components such as Slat Dividers, TableTop® Chain Tracks, UHMW Flat Bar & C Rail Covering, Aluminum Rail & UHMW Inserts, UHMW, Nylon & Teflon® Bar Clip Ons, UHMW, Nylon & Teflon® Rod Covering, Teflon®, UHMW Angles & U-Shape, UHMW Profiles & Chain Guides, Knuckle Chain Track UHMW Natural, UHMW Air Conveyor Neck Guides, Chain Guides, Thermoplastic Drive Rivets, Continuous Coil UHMW Wear Strips, Machined Profiles & Extrusions, Rectangular Wear Strips, and more!